Why Opt for Brass Door Handles and Pulls?

Brass door handles and pulls are very much in demand these days. They can be used in various households or offices as they are quite stylish and appealing too. If you are planning to buy a brass decorative door pull or handle for your home or office, then there are certain things that you need to consider before purchasing it. The first thing that you need to do is to clean and polish them regularly so that they remain lustrous and shiny.

Affordable Brass Door HandlesCleaning: Polishing your brass door handles or pulls with a lacquer cleaner or a lacquered fabric will prevent tarnishing and corrosion. This kind of cleaning process also helps to remove any dust or stains. However, it is advised to use a soft polishing cloth as compared to a polishing cloth that is made specifically for brass surfaces.

Spray Paint: You can choose to coat your Affordable Brass Door Handles with satin nickel or zinc coatings. These two coating types protect the metal against corrosion and rusting. Satin nickel provides a matte finish while zinc coating provides a bright polished look. This type of coatings is available at hardware stores and come in a variety of colours such as black, copper, black & silver, bronze, copper & silver, gold & silver, red, yellow, rose, rust, white and Verdigris. Spray painting requires some work and skill, and it is advisable to practice first before going ahead to paint your brass door handles.

Drying: Even though the process of spray painting is relatively easy, it can take a few hours to dry. You should check if they are scorched before using them for further usage. Drying is also essential because oil evaporating from the surface of the brass door handles cannot be suitable for it. You should apply a thin coat of mineral oil after cleaning the metal and allow it to dry completely. You should then wipe it with a soft cloth to remove any excess oil left on the surface. Once the oil coat is dry, you can now polish it to obtain a glossy finish.

Sanding: You should start by removing all the old paint from the brass door handles. You can make use of the power sanding machine if you do not have access to sandpaper. Ensure that all the edges and surfaces are well cleaned before using the sanding paper. Take care not to use rough sandpaper as it may damage the finish. Once the sandpaper is clean and shining, you can now start spray painting them.

Polishing: For those who wish to preserve the patina of their brass door handles, they can opt for cleaning the tarnished brass handles using mineral spirits. However, it is essential to note that this should only be done once in a while as you can damage the finish by over-polishing it. For this reason, it is best advised that you do it once a year. Once you have cleaned the tarnished handles using the mineral spirits, you should follow the same procedure as you did for cleaning the rest of your belongings.

Spray painting: If you are looking for a more effective way of cleaning your brass door handles, then you should use one of the spray painting techniques. Many manufacturers offer spray painting techniques to get rid of the tarnish from the brass. You need to find a spray painting material which is made mostly for cleaning tarnished metals. After you have purchased one of the spray paints, you should clean the tarnished surfaces and then use it on the handles to coat them with the paint.

Waxing: For most of the Affordable Brass Door Handles, you can choose to either buy or hire a professional to do the waxing work. The waxing procedure can be very easy or very hard, depending on how much experience you have and how well you are familiar with the process. For the most comfortable and least expensive waxing method, you should opt for the mini waxing kit as it is handy. However, if you have some knowledge of the process, then you can hire a professional for a better result. After the waxing is done, you can use a polishing cloth to buff the surfaces to get them shining and shine-free.