Things You Need to Know Before You Buy the Best Weighted Blanket for Depression

Weighted blankets are quite different compared to regular blankets since they’re made and designed to be significantly more substantial. They also add maximum deep pressure while still allowing for comfort and mobility. If you’re interested in the best weighted blanket for depression, anxiety, stress, and other conditions, you must know the following tips and facts about them.


  1. Weighted blankets are expensive. Compared to standard blankets, weighted blankets are quite on the pricier end. Due to the specific manufacturing and customizable requests, you can expect to spend double and even triple digits. An Etsy weighted blanket, for instance, has a price tag of a little over AU$110.
  2. Fabric is a significant factor. A lot of manufacturers and suppliers provide you with a choice of materials that your weighted blanket can be made of. Flannel, cotton, polyester, fleece – you name it. There are also soft, furry fabrics called ‘Minky,’ as well as a host of other materials that are used for the structure. We recommend that you go for a soft, washable weighted blanket.
  3. 10% is the ideal weight. There’s a general rule of thumb when choosing for the best weighted blanket for depression, stress and anxiety. It involves taking 10%R of your weight and using that as the basis of the actual weight of your blanket. That means if you weigh 150 pounds, your weighted blanket should be about 15 pounds. A 50-pound child will benefit from a 5-pound weighted blanket. Manufacturers suggest that you choose less or more, depending on your level of comfort.
  4. Blankets are filled with different materials. Some weighted blankets are made with polypropylene pellets, rice, glass, sand, beans, and even river stones. Depending on the type of filler, there are chances where you may or may not be able to wash your blanket. Keep that in mind when shopping for one. Our preferred weighted blanket is the one that’s filled with polypropylene pellets and stitched in a series of rows and channels – much like a checkerboard.
  5. Size matters. Keep in mind that the size of the weighted blanket is recommended to fit your entire body and not on the bed. So while size does matter, it doesn’t mean you should go all out and choose something enormous. Just make sure you have a blanket where you can sleep comfortably without constricting your movement and making you uncomfortable.


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