The Importance of Building Inspections

Building inspections are important for any home seller. It is a necessity before putting your house on the market. Not only does it ensure you are selling a quality property, but you are insuring against future problems and giving the buyer a good idea of what they will see when they are inside your house. Good building inspections reviews should be done by someone qualified in one or more areas and is generally trained in at least one building code category, thereby enabling them to form a professional judgment as to whether your building meets building codes.

building inspections reviewsThere are two types of building inspections that can be done. First, a “dry” building inspection relies on external appearance and nothing else. This type of inspection can be done every three years and is primarily used to give the seller peace of mind. It also helps to eliminate problems with small things like minor cracks.

The second type of building inspections is an “emergency” type, where a professional inspection is done right away. It is typically used for new home construction and has to be done within just a few days. Building inspectors are sent out immediately, often before the home is even finished, to determine if there have been any serious issues with the home from its inception until the time it is listed on the market. It is used as a standard insurance policy and protects the homeowner from significant expenses due to damage that would not be found.

There are several different types of building inspections reviews that can be done. Some are general, where the inspector will check the exterior and roofing and the visible insulation, rough plumbing inspection, electrical, heating and cooling system, and septic system. All of these are part of protecting your investment through a proper home inspection. A general home inspection will typically focus on the major systems. However, to provide the most accurate value for the home, additional services may be ordered. For instance, rough plumbing inspection will check for leaks that have been repaired; general heating and cooling inspection will focus on the visible insulation, ductwork, and heat pump; electrical inspections will focus on the main electrical panel, electrical controls, switches and outlets; and septic inspection will focus on the visible condition of the septic tank.

After the home has been inspected, the following information is given to the buyer at the closing or the purchase price. This information is highly documented and is required by law to be given to the buyer at closing so that he/she can understand how much work is involved in maintaining the house. The following information is a simple checklist and is highly organised:

Building inspections reviews are very important and require skilled building inspectors to do the job properly. It is very important to make sure that your plumbing system is up to code, that your heating and cooling system are properly functioning and that you have the necessary permits to do the plumbing, heating and cooling. When choosing your building inspectors, make sure they are licensed and bonded and can correctly inspect your home. With these inspections, you will have peace of mind that your investment is in safe hands.