Caravan Repair Adelaide: Caravan Service and Repair Services

Getting your caravan serviced regularly is essential to ensure your vehicle’s safety and reliability. Caravans are an expensive investment, and regular maintenance will protect the resale value of your RV. It will also prevent costly repairs due to neglect or voiding of the warranty. That is why we offer mobile caravan servicing in Adelaide. For professional caravan repair services Adelaide, click here.

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Just like a car, caravans and campers require regular servicing to ensure they are in good working order and safe to travel on the road. Our mobile caravan service, Adelaide, can take care of this for you and ensure your caravan is still covered by its warranty. We run every caravan through a comprehensive 62-point safety check to ensure everything works properly and safely. Regular caravan maintenance can also save you money in the long run by making it easier to claim on your insurance.

Whether you’re getting ready for a weekend away or a family holiday, our caravan experts are prepared to help. We can assist with all your caravan needs, from repairing storm damage to installing new equipment, including fridges, air conditioning units and roll-out awnings. With a reputation for being the best caravan equipment and repair specialists in St Marys, we can get you travelling in style.


Our team can assist you whether you need a mobile caravan service in Adelaide or repairs. Our professional and experienced caravan mechanics can carry out a complete safety check on your caravan so you can have peace of mind knowing that it is roadworthy. Regular caravan maintenance will save you money in the long run and ensure your investment is safe and secure. It will also help to avoid voiding your insurance and keep you safe when travelling. For professional caravan repair services Adelaide, click here.

Caravans offer a great deal of comfort and can be customised with extra features such as awnings and entertainment systems. They are an excellent choice for families who want to spend their holidays away from home. They are more portable than camper trailers and are better insulated for colder weather. Caravans are also more accessible to set up and provide privacy than camper trailers.


When it comes to caravans, we have you covered. We can service your caravan or caravan awning, install new options and appliances for your van and supply you with caravan parts and accessories. We also work closely with all major insurance companies on caravan repairs. We take care of storm damage, repairing to the highest standard so you can return to travelling as quickly as possible.

Caravans offer more storage space than camper trailers and are much easier to set up, especially with an annex out the front. They also provide more privacy, keeping you away from those pesky bugs!

Like your car, your caravan needs to be regularly serviced to keep it in good condition and ensure it’s roadworthy. Our experienced caravan mechanics will run your caravan through a 62-point safety check to ensure everything works correctly and, most importantly, safely.


A caravan or camper trailer is a great way to enjoy a relaxing holiday, but it requires proper maintenance and care. Whether you need an emergency repair or you’ve been hit by hail or reversed into a pole, a qualified service team can take care of the problem and get you back on the road quickly.

A good caravan service company will also complete any desired upgrades while their technicians are on site. It allows customers to maximise their downtime and save money on the costs of having these items installed separately in the future.

Caravan servicing is a worthwhile investment because it protects your caravan’s resale value and keeps you safe while travelling. The service team also runs each caravan through a 62-point safety check, which can help you qualify for an insurance claim if necessary. They work closely with significant caravan insurance providers, making it easier for customers to file insurance claims and complete their repairs quickly.

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