Child Development and Childcare in Easter Suburbs Jobs

There are a variety of positions available in Child Care Services. These positions can vary greatly depending on the level of education and experience. Some positions offer higher wages, some offer benefits, and some are more flexible. Let’s look at a few positions and what you may want to expect if you are interested in childcare in Eastern Suburbs jobs.

childcare-in-eastern-suburbsLicensed Child Care Provider(s) – People who provide and take care of children from birth until they reach the age of 13. All licensed childcare providers are different, but they usually all share a deep love for children and an interest in the welfare of their community. There are many licensing requirements and hours of training required to become a licensed childcare provider. If you are interested in becoming a licensed childcare provider, a basic understanding of child development and social skills are essential requirements.

Certified Child Care Provider(s) – A certificate in Child Development and Child Care is required before applying to work in this field. This certification is issued by the Department of Social Services (DSS). It covers all areas of child development and is completed by students who have been certified as well as adults who wish to be certified.

Licensed Professional Child Care Provider(s) – The National Council issues this certification for Child and Adolescent Services (NCCAS). It covers the same areas of child development and social skills and is approved by the DSHS.

Registered Nurse – Child Development and Child Care is not completed without the completion of a Registered Nurse examination. A registered nurse has to complete an approved exam to become a registered nurse. Registered nurses are responsible for monitoring children and educating parents on how to care for their children.

For more information about childcare in Eastern Suburbs jobs or to become a childcare provider, visit our website and view our Child Development and Child Care career page. If you would like to work in a particular field, check out our Career Directory. You will find the careers that interest you, the education you need, and the childcare positions you need.

With all the education available today, it is easier than ever to obtain a degree in Child Development and Child Care. For people who are already working in the childcare in Eastern Suburbs field, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Child Development and Child Care can open doors of opportunity for advancement. Children and families who need additional help may also benefit from getting a Masters or Doctorate in Child Development and Child Care.