What Does a Chiropractor Do?

Before deciding on a chiro practitioner Adelaide, it is important to discuss your goals for chiropractic treatment. Many people seek chiropractic care for various reasons, from reducing pain to promoting general health. However, before choosing a chiropractor, it is essential to discuss your medical history and other relevant information. It is critical to the doctor-patient relationship, and it is important to make sure the chiropractor has the correct understanding of your condition. After all, it’s your health, after all.

chiro practitioner AdelaideA chiro practitioner Adelaide is an integral member of a circle of the health care team. They can work independently or consult with other health care professionals. For example, a chiropractor can work in an interprofessional clinic, a family health team, a hospital, or a patient’s home. Even large corporations and military units have onsite chiropractic care departments. Depending on the type of practice, a chiropractor can help relieve symptoms, reduce stress, and even assist emergency medical teams.

A chiropractor may use a variety of positions to adjust patients’ bodies and to realign their spine and joints. Most chiropractors use a padded table on which the patient lies face down. A drop table can be used to manipulate joints and the spine gently. An activator is another option that helps a chiropractor manipulate the body with controlled force. Depending on the technique, a chiropractic adjustment can be painful or cause fatigue. A minor headache or soreness might occur after a chiropractic treatment, but it’s important to remember that the procedure isn’t painful.

A chiro practitioner Adelaide will take a patient’s medical history and perform a routine physical examination. They will check the entire spine, including the neck, since spinal subluxations may also cause irritations elsewhere. A physician or a nurse practitioner may be necessary to confirm a diagnosis. In addition to a physical examination, a chiropractor may recommend a course of treatment based on the examination results. The chiropractor may use various techniques during the exam, including the range of motion, palpation, reflex testing, muscle strength comparison, and neurological and orthopedic tests focused on the main complaint.

Depending on the situation, a chiropractor may use various techniques to help a patient overcome their discomfort. For example, chiropractors will use their hands to manipulate and adjust the body’s joints to maintain proper alignment. In addition, they will use massage and other hand treatments to help patients relax. Aside from addressing the pain of a specific issue, a chiropractor may also consult with other health care practitioners to determine whether a particular technique is appropriate for a patient’s needs.

A chiropractor’s license and certification are important. It is vital to know the qualifications of a practitioner before undergoing treatment.