How To Know If You Should Visit A Dentist Right Away

If your teeth are starting to hurt or feel big, it might be time to visit a dentist. Your dentist Adelaide will be able to examine your mouth and take measurements to determine the extent of dental problems, such as swollen gums or teeth cracks. Some of the more serious dental problems, however, can only be determined through extensive dental work.

Your dentist may find that swollen jaw or swollen lymph nodes require you to visit the emergency room at a local hospital. In many severe cases, oral surgery is required. One such procedure is removing a portion of the affected tooth. When to visit a dentist right away for tooth removal depends on how much pain you are in with the tooth. In some cases, the tooth that needs to be removed may be too big or deep for the extraction to be done properly. If the swollen area is excruciating, persistent or bothersome, contact your dentist immediately.

dentist-adelaideAnother condition that can cause swollen gums or cracked tooth is oral bacterial pericoronitis. This is usually caused by poor dental hygiene. In this case, when to visit a dentist Adelaide right away depends on the extent of the infection. If the infection affects the gum flap, then your dentist may have to perform a root canal procedure to rid the tooth of the bacteria. If the infection affects the underlying tissues, such as bone or the supporting jaw bone, then surgery may need to be performed first.

A dental abscess is an inflamed or infected pocket or sac filled with pus inside a tooth. Gum disease, tooth decay, gum inflammation and oral trauma are common causes of abscesses, which can lead to significant dental problems, including swelling, infection and tooth loss. When to see a dentist for abscesses: if you notice an inflamed, puffy or sore gum area, call your dentist immediately; abscesses may cause tooth loss if they are left untreated or are not treated promptly.

Toothache or swollen gums may be a sign of a much more serious dental emergency, such as a broken tooth or a damaged filling. Call your dentist Adelaide immediately if you feel pain or swelling in your cheeks or mouth, even if it does not go away after a few minutes. Bruises can also indicate a more serious problem, so when to see a dentist: immediately if there is a raised, red area surrounding the tooth. Tooth decay, gum disease and other dental issues can also cause a tooth to crack, tear or break.