Great Investment Options For the Elderly

If you have always dreamed of owning a piece of Australia’s glorious history, then granny flats in Brisbane are for you. Granny flats Adelaide are apartments built primarily for use by older women and children. They are usually located in residential areas, so they are closer to the towns’ centre and provide easy access to public transport. Buying and selling a granny flat can be quite a tricky task, so it’s best to research before you make any commitments. Here are some of the factors you should consider when looking for your ideal home away from home. For more information, visit now.

granny flats AdelaideWhat exactly is granny flats? Dual occupancy dwellings refer to properties where two adults live together but still have independent bedrooms and living spaces. The term granny flats or granny pods were used in Australia before the formation of the states. Dual occupancy dwellings are becoming more popular as newly constructed blocks of housing get even less scarce and more expensive.

Who can buy these dwellings? Typically these apartments are intended for elderly ladies that require more space than a single person could provide. In particular, seniors may have health problems that restrict them from living alone, such as diabetes or osteoporosis. In this case, it is more cost-effective to have a residential space that doubles as a medical centre. You also don’t have to worry about sharing your primary home with any other family member or sharing your main dwelling with other unrelated adults. This allows you to focus on maintaining your health while being able to enjoy an independent lifestyle. For more information, visit now.

So, who can buy them? Granny flats Adelaide are available to residents of any age. If you’re retiring, a single parent or a partner can benefit from the ability to live independently but still stay in their property and use it as a secondary residence. Suppose you have a large family that requires additional care during the day and need two separate dwellings that are both comfortable enough for your family to live in at the same time. In that case, this could be a great way to free up some valuable living space and spend more time with your loved ones. For more information, visit

A good investment and option for a granny flat are purchasing one with duplex building guidelines. Duplex buildings are designed so that the units are separated by a spacious hall or large deck area. This provides each aging parent access to their own personal space while benefiting from the room, air conditioning and central heating that each inhibitor needs. Additionally, these granny flats Adelaide generally carry a higher price tag but are a good investment because they increase in value over time.