How Do You Choose a Jobsite Radio?

The purchase of a jobsite radio is not a walk in the park. Dozens of site radios are around much other cordless power tools. All of those are from a wide variety of brands which also comes with numerous features, benefits and amenities.

Milwaukee RadioHow are you going to determine the best jobsite milwaukee radio that will answer your needs? If it is your first time buying a jobsite radio, this post may help you in making the most informed decision.

New features, gadgets and gizmos are added to the market all the time due to the technology revolution that is in constant full swing. With that, checking all of them can become challenging. But don’t worry because we compiled the most notable features that you must look for that will make your experience quick and easy.

  1. DAB

It is the one which allows users to gain access to over 100 Digital radio stations. It includes the ones that are currently on FM/AM. It only means that DAB enables users to access Radio 1 in Digital and a load of only digital stations. Compared to analogue, the digital signal also tends to be much clearer, which means there are lesser crackles as well as hisses.

  1. Bluetooth

From any Bluetooth enabled device including smartphone, tablet or computer, these radios allow you to play music wirelessly. The opportunity it gives you to play music from a massive variety of apps like Spotify, or your music collection is one of the big pluses of using Bluetooth. It only means that by using your Bluetooth device, you could even go onto a Digital radio app and then play it through your Bluetooth radio. You will be surprised how it effectively turns into a DAB radio.

  1. Charger

Manufacturers produce site radios that are capable of charging your power tool batteries. If the radio comes from the same ‘family’ as your cordless power tool, then, it can act as an added charger for those batteries when powered by the AC.

  1. AUX

The majority of radios available today come with an AUX socket. It allows users to connect to any personal audio playing device to the radio using an AUX cable. Thus, you can freely play any of your music with it.

Finally, we suggest that you stick to the same brand as your radio if you are an individual using a range of cordless tools already. It is because virtually, all our site radios can either be powered with AC or battery. Sure, you don’t want to invest your hard-earned money in an entirely different family of a battery only to enjoy music on site. Fortunately, most brands available today come with its own radio. That includes milwaukee radio. Thus, finding one that suits you, your batteries and your budget are what matters most.