Is It the Right Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Indeed, air conditioners play a vital part in achieving an utterly comfortable lifestyle, but then unluckily, they are not well-designed to last a lifetime. Eventually, there will come a time wherein you should replace it regardless of how innovative or modern your AC system is.

Whenever you notice indications that your air conditioner is about to give up, then you can start taking measures to save for its replacement. In figuring out if it is about time for a new air conditioner & installation, you can consider the below reasons:

1 – You plan to extend or expand your home.

The installation team will get the dimensions to determine how much cooling power you need, and then offer you a unit that fit those measurements when your air conditioner was well fitted originally. If you have a significant addition built, then your current air conditioner might not conform any longer because it was well-designed for the square footage at the time of installation. You will necessitate to re-assess your cooling requirements. As such, it might need to install a brand-new unit.

2 – You notice that your utility bills keep on going up.

When there is a sudden increase on your utility bills, though you are not changing the way you use your air conditioner, possibly, it is a sign that your unit is not working effectively anymore and you need a new and more efficient unit. Over time, and particularly if you will not adhere to proper maintenance, your system will lose its productivity, and there comes a time wherein a new, more economical unit can help reduce those bills.

3 – You’ve been calling for an AC repair service more often than usual.

You have nothing to do but to replace your unit when it starts to ask for constant repairs. Although the replacement will cost more than the repair, however, it will be a more cost-effective choice in the long run. That costly service calls every single month do add up quickly.

4 – You’re using an air conditioning unit that’s over a decade old.

Usually, Air conditioners are well designed to last for roughly ten years before replacement. You should begin preparing for its eventual replacement if yours is getting to the end of its lifespan. It is basically an inevitability after the 10-year mark.

5 – You are experiencing high or low humidity levels.

Managing humidity levels is one of the methods your Daikin air conditioner helps your home’s comfort. Your air conditioner unit might not be appropriately dehumidifying your home if you are starting to see moisture build-up around windows or feel that the house is steamy. Humidity might be the cause if your home is beginning to have mould problems, though there is no noticeable water damage.

Likewise, it might be malfunctioning if humidity levels appear overly low.  And the lone sensible option left is to invest in new air conditioner & installation.