How to Improve Your Health and Well-Being

Physiotherapists are health care professionals who assist patients with movement, physiotherapy, physical education, therapy and advice. They maintain overall health for older people of all ages, aiding older people to cope with pain and prevent further disease. Some physio Cheltenham specialties are sports medicine, geriatric, physical rehabilitation, pediatric, occupational therapy. Improve your health and well-being through the help of a qualified physiotherapist by assisting with exercise, physiotherapy, physical education, geriatric, orthopedic and neurological disorders.

The physiotherapist will assess the injury or illness causing the problem, design a treatment plan and send the patient for physiotherapy. Physio Cheltenham uses techniques such as heat and ice, manual resistance training, electrical muscle stimulation, laser therapy, joint manipulation, ultrasound therapy and therapeutic exercise to treat the injury. Patients will be encouraged to perform activities of daily living, and their physiotherapist will take over the prescribed exercises once the physiotherapist is confident that the patient is improving. The physiotherapist will advise the patient on exercises to avoid, restrictions on activities, management of pain and other aspects of caring for an injured back, leg, knee or ankle. The physiotherapist will also provide information on ways to recover from the injury and return to normal daily life.

physio-cheltenhamOnce the patient has improved, the physiotherapist will continue to help them through the physiotherapy process. Common physiotherapy treatments include ultrasound, electrotherapy, manual traction, infrared photocoagulation, laser therapy and balance and gravity therapies. These physiotherapy treatments can be done separately or in combination depending on the severity of the injury. The physiotherapist will determine the best course of treatment, working closely with the patient and family and with the assistance of medical staff such as a doctor and nurse.

Another area where many injured people receive help from physics is at work. Many businesses offer onsite physiotherapy services where injured workers can receive treatment and rehabilitation from their own workplace. This saves the expense of travel to a physiotherapy facility, and for some individuals, it can be more convenient and allow them to fit physiotherapy into their everyday life.

Some instances may require a doctor to recommend a qualified and skilled physiotherapist. In these situations, a physiotherapist who is board certified by the Australian Physical Therapy Association (APTA) may be required to perform dry needling on the injured muscles. Dry needling refers to the process of using pressurized needles to stimulate the injured muscle to increase circulation. Dry needling is extremely effective in helping many patients to return to full function and to reduce the pain of any injury or accident.