What You Must Consider in Buying Shoes for Your Boys

Buying shoes for toddler boys is never an easy task for any parent. It demands a lot of focus on several factors and of course, a lot of patience. Sure, you want the Spendless NZ kids shoes that are not only comfortable but also durable, breathable and supportive. However, you may be unsure if it is possible to buy one pair that features all those packages.

Indeed, a perfect pair of shoes is something that doesn’t exist. However, you will surely wish to find the best one at least when it comes to your toddlers. To help you make that possible, we provide a list of factors below that you must consider.

  1. Fit

Spendless NZ kids shoesYou have to make sure that your child’s feet are professionally measured and then fitted. Encourage your kid to run around the store before buying shoes. This way, their feet will become as warm as possible before measuring it. Through this, the fit and growth room can be assessed more accurately as it will cause their feet to expand.

  1. Support

Your foot, ankle and leg should get excellent support from the shoe or boot. Take note that the whole body is growing at a tremendous rate at this development stage. If you don’t want your child to experience foot and back problems in the future, never allow them to wear poorly supporting shoes.

  1. Comfort Level

It is crucial to provide your toddlers with a shoe that does not restrict the movement of their foot or muscle development. Thus, you need to purchase a pair that is comfortable and have soft upper materials and flexible soles. Styles that have padded linings are what you must try and choose particularly around the ankle and padded inner soles.

  1. Breathability

The best for children’s hot active feet are shoes made of leather uppers and lining. Why? It is because it allows the cool air to enter and makes hot humid air to escape. For fast growing feet, it produces the best possible environment and minimises the risk of acquiring smelly shoes and bacterial infections as well. Take note to avoid shoes made of synthetic uppers and linings as it offers no breathability instead choose shoes with textile linings.

  1. Adjustments

To ensure that the shoe is safe and secure on your toddler’s foot, choose Spendless NZ kids shoes that have plenty of strap adjustments. To not restrict growth, ensure that its straps are not pulled too tightly. The ideal type for toddler boys that makes taking on and off shoes much easier and quicker is the return Velcro fastenings.

Lastly, buy shoes for toddlers that are also fun and attractive. Most parents limit their colour options to dull black and brown shoes only. However, you must take into account that your kids are young, bright and active boys. So they deserve to wear fun and colourful footwear.