How Does A TENS Machine Work?

If you are experiencing constant pain, you likely have some form of arthritis. The TENS machine is used to help people with chronic pain by delivering electrical stimulation. TENS is an alternative to prescription medications and other more traditional therapies. The goal of using a TENS machine South Australia is to provide relief from discomfort without the use of medication. It is similar to the pulsating machines that are often used in hospitals. However, this type of stimulation is delivered directly to targeted areas of the body.

TENS is a non-invasive medical device to help with chronic pain management. Regular use of the TENS machine South Australia will often result in relief from pain within minutes after first use. Generally, TENS is thought of as a non-pharmacological therapy and therefore not classified as curative. However, physicians may prescribe this treatment when other treatments have not been successful.

The electrical impulses are delivered to the muscles through electrodes worn on or around the person’s body. An electrical current is then applied to the muscles or the skin where the pain signals are targeted. Since these electrical pulses do not reach the spinal cord, they are not addictive like some prescription medications are. People often use the TENS machine South Australia to help reduce their pain level and provide relief for specific conditions.

An example of a condition that can be treated using a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machine is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is usually a disease of the joints where the cartilage has begun to wear away due to age or injury. When there are joint inflammation and swelling, the bones often rub together, causing excruciating pain to the person. The TENS unit is designed to target specific areas of pain by applying direct electrical currents. For example, the electrode pads for a patient with carpal tunnel will target the area of inflammation to provide relief to the patient.

Other conditions that can be treated with applying a TENS machine conditions such as menstrual cramps, which women experience regularly. The TENS unit is designed to help women eliminate the painful sensation associated with the onset of a period. Many women use the TENS machine South Australia during their period to reduce their level of discomfort. Another condition that can benefit from the application of a TENS machine is constipation. TENS pads can be placed on the bottom of the body to reduce or eliminate the sensation associated with the feeling of constipation. These electrical impulses provide relief to individuals suffering from chronic constipation.

Pulse rate tester is another product that is available for the TENS machine South Australia. The Hz monitor will measure the frequency of the electrical impulses generated by the unit. Individuals suffering from sleep disorders can benefit from using this device because it can allow them to determine how well they are sleeping. Individuals who suffer from the effects of RLS can also benefit from the use of the TENS units and individuals who suffer from restless leg syndrome. Individuals who are suffering from migraines can also benefit from the application of this equipment.